The Pennies for Penny fund is named after our darling daughter who was abruptly taken from us in 2012. Shortly after we lost our daughter Penny in a tragic accident, a friend started a fundraiser that she titled "Pennies for Penny" to assist us in paying for funeral expenses.  The generosity that poured in touched us so deeply and that gratitude hasn't faded.  Today, Pennies for Penny lives on to help other families in need of financial help in the darkest hours of their lives.  In the past four years, it's eased hardship of three different children with cancer, a family with a mother suffering from cancer, families who have lost children, and even a headstone for a child.  Through your donations, you "showed up" for these families, as others did for our own.  

Each sale on this site is to benefit a family in need this holiday season (each item lists the amount donated). This year we've become aware of one family that has done so much for their community and others.  Sadly, the father abandoned the family in October following drug use and mental illness.  The mother is left to care for her children alone with a huge financial mess left in the wake of her husband's selfish neglect.  To protect her children we cannot share many more details, but we notice her, we love her, and Pennies for Penny would like to HELP her and her beautiful children.   

We're new to this, but our faith, love and friendship with many of you calls us to action. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to jill and ben through the pennies for penny email address below. All proceeds in this account will go towards helping this family.  As you can see they are very much in need.  The financial burden in front of them is heavy.  Thank you for recognizing, seeing the need and donating.  

There are four ways to help:

1. Buy something in our store! Every item helps to support our cause

2. Do you have an item that you would like to sale or donate to our penny store? We would love for you to join in our cause.  Just email us at the pennies for penny email address below.

3. Donate money to our 'Pennies for Penny' fund.  To donate and learn more about the family we are helping this year go to :  GO FUND ME -

4. Start your own penny jar!  Pennies are being collected in jars all across the world to help support 'Pennies for Penny'.  Begin your own and cash it in on november 23 (Penny's birthday) and make your penny jar donation to our GO FUND ME account.

Love everyone.